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Looking into making the site an app for the Iphone I stumbled across a program called Xcode. This is a project based program that allows you to use templates to build an app upon.

One of it’s key features which I just tried out is the storyboard creation of the app which if you are unable to code the app this allows you to drag and drop in the elements/ links/ images of your app and it creates it for you.

Its so quick you can create a simple app in 5 minutes.

10 Things not to do

1) Don’t start without a flow map of the structure of you app, this is because once you start building your app you don’t want to keep going back to add in a missed page.

It also let’s you see how the app works before you make it so you know the user wont get lost in the navigation of your app.

2) Keep open minded about the designing and development of the app, one simple feature in the design could be the difference of a few days in development. In other words you should compromise.

3) Always design for hi-res first then scale down, this allows for all your graphics to be hi-res at all times and not become blurry  or distorted.

4) Don’t under underestimate the hit area, anywhere between 1.5 cm to 2cm is an index finger so make sure the button size and space is large enough.

5) Don’t use to many intro animations as the more or larger you have the more likely it will cause the application to crash or slow down

6) Don’t leave users hanging in loading screens as they might think it’s faulty and leave.

7) Don’t copy styles from operating systems and make it obvious.

8) Don’t over crowd the screen just because you can, the more clean and spread out you make the design the easier it is to navigate and see what you actually doing.

9) Assume that everyone will use the app differently to you, make sure that there are multiple ways to navigate the app.

10) Keep gestures in mind  but don’t become reliant on them.

Some of my faviroute designs

The first design that caught my eye, just because of the simplicity of the design and how each page is sectioned to become one long full image.

The bold blue coloration is kept throughout the page and links the whole app together, the full width images also have a big impact and draw the eye of the viewer instantly.

App design research

Doing some research on App design so I can start designing the app for this project. Some things to appreciate in these designs so far are:

1) Solid bold colours that stand out

2) Visually bold with many hi-res graphics

3) Simple solid bold text (Not a lot of it)

4)Simple in design and use

5) Circular buttons