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Moving WordPress over hosting

A quick post to help out anyone who wants to move wordpress across web servers.

1) Back-up the WordPress site now by dragging the folder in your hosting onto your desktop and re name it old_name of site.

2) Head over to you database (in my case phpadmin) and export the whole database as a sql file.

3) Go to your new host server and create a database, then you can import the .stl into it and it will automatically create the tables for you with all the data.

4) Now thats the database done, you can duplicate the whole old folder and rename it back to the original name.

5) next head into the wp-config.php file and use the new details from you new hosting and put them in place of the old one.

6) Next add


underneath the db collate┬áline, this will move the url’s across

7) Complete that should work for you, if not add a .htaccess file to the root directory (where the wordpress folder is) with the line

AddType x-httpd-php53 .php