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Here is my code for the working LCD Crystal ball exercise. properly the most  fiddly project so far this used a lot of what was learnt in previous chapters, for example it has a poteniometer attached to change the contrast of the LCD, as shown below:


The LCD has 9 outputs in this project.

.Output 1 = Vss pin is grounded along with Output 16 (LED -)

Output 2 = Vcc connects directly to the 5v power along with Output

Output 3 = vO went to the centre pin of the pontentiometer to change the contrast of the screen.

Output 4 = RS goes to pin digital pin 12 of the board. this controls where the characters will appear on screen.

Output 5 = R/W to ground, puts the screen in read or write mode.

Output 6 = E Digital pin 11 of the board. (Enable) tells the lcd that it will be receiving a command.

Output 11 = D4 to digital pin 5

Output 12 = D5 to digital pin 4

Output 13= D6 to digital pin 3

Output 14 = D7 to digital pin 2

Output 15 = LED+  to 5v power through a 220ohm resistor.

Pins D0-7  are used to send character data to the screen. As you can see we used D4-D7

(More how they work soon).


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